How to Add Google Analytics 4 to Google Tag Manager

Here's how to implement a GA4 analytics tag through GTM.

I was recently installing Google Tag Manager on a client’s website and implementing the new GA4 Google Analytics tracking tag but realized finding documentation on it was very difficult. After some searching I found this very good walkthrough by Integress.

I’ve regurgitated just the GA4 parts below.

Before getting started be sure to have your Measurement ID (G-XXXXXXXXXX) on hand, as you’ll need that to complete this installation.

Add Google Analytics 4 Tag to GTM

  1. Click Tags on the left hand side, then click New
  2. Give your tag a name, such as “Google Analytics – GA4”
  3. Under Tag Configuration, choose the “Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration” tag type
  4. Make sure Page View is selected under Track Type
  5. Enter your Measurement ID (or select your GA4 Constant variable – see the optional section below)
  6. Make sure that the checkbox next to “Send a page view event when this configuration loads” is checked
  7. Make any necessary changes in the Fields to Set, User Properties, and Advanced Settings sections. These are optional advanced settings so you may not need to change any of these unless required in your measurement strategy.
  8. Under Triggering, select the All Pages trigger
  9. Click the blue Save button in the top right corner

GA4 Constant Variable (Optional)

Unlike with Universal Analytics, creating a Constant variable to store your GA4 Measurement ID is optional, but not required. If you are just starting out with GTM, your setup likely won’t benefit from creating this variable.

Creating a GA4 Constant variable makes adding your Measurement ID into other tags, triggers, and variables a little easier. It also makes it a little easier to find your GA4 Measurement ID without having to open Google Analytics.

To create a Constant variable, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your GTM workspace by going to
  2. Click Variables on the left
  3. Under “User-Defined Variables,” click New
  4. Give your variable a name. In my case, something like “GA4 Measurement ID – Prod”
  5. Add a “Constant” variable type
  6. Enter your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID (It starts with “G-”).
  7. Click the blue Save button in the top right corner.
  8. You can now choose this variable as your Measurement ID in your Google Analytics 4 Configuration tag. See step 5 in the section above.

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