Symbol 8 – “I Thought You Wanted To Dance”

I recently visited my sister, who had done some searching, and had come across a single from my Dad's old funk band Symbol 8 called "I Thought You Wanted To Dance".

In the song, my dad sings belts out a pretty smooth second verse and throws in some adlibs throughout the song—smooth as the Motown sound. FYI, Symbol 8 was featured on American Band Stand in the late 70’s while signed to a label called Janus Records. Unfortunately, the label fizzled and the group was forced to disband. Big ups to Charlie Adams on this one though!

My dad was the lead vocalist for the band and played several instruments, including his most notable instrument, the sax. When my sister played the track, I could hardly recognize the soulful voice singing at the beginning of the second verse. It sounded like something straight off of a “Best of the 70’s” album.

It’s bittersweet to think that things didn’t turn out big for the group the way my dad had originally planned but then again I would have never been here (as in never been born).

Symbol 8 – I Thought You Wanted To Dance

Update: The music has been remastered as a 12″ rerelease!


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  1. jabbo23 says:

    wazzup BROWN? hey I just saw this. but we are on FB so its all good

  2. Andrew W says:

    I heard this song on a Youtube video the other day and have been looking for it, it’s awesome!

  3. Dexter Adams says:

    I really appreciate you putting me in touch with Euan too! It really sounds great! Thanks for the link! I’ve updated the post with the information.

  4. Stevecitysoul says:

    Glad to see this is now getting a fantastic full 12″ release with an unheard 7.30 min long version! So happy I put you in touch with Euan on this one, it really is a great record.

  5. john brown says:

    What up mark jb in the house faze 1. Lead vocals for symbol 8 band still doing my thing working on my jazz album I hope to feature a tribute to Michael Jackson …I call it ..the new world thriller ….I put a lot of punchy horn lines hard rhythmic lines . more great songs oh by the way I’m playing now no more waiting on non dedicated players . real shit how I got started playing was me and another friend saw a celestial body walk pass us in my back yard to see something like that elevated my thinking I woke the hell up …!!! Real shit. I can’t believe I’m playing now and I know what I’m doing brothers are afraid to play so I’m doing it myself. I’m. Ready .

  6. Dexter Adams says:

    I will talk to my dad today and get back to you as soon as possible.

  7. Stevecitysoul says:

    Hi Dexter

    I have emailed the label owner to see if he would be interested into looking into re-issuing the record.

    I’m quite hopeful that this could turn out to be a positive outcome.

    I will let you know if I hear anything and will pass on your details if that’s ok.

    Could I just ask if you could ask your pops if the song, call me was the flip for the original release and also whether that would remain the same?


  8. Dexter Adams says:

    Please contact me Steve. I would love to look into this. ((( dexter at DAPD dot net )))

  9. Stevecitysoul says:

    Hi, sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you, forgot I had posted a reply.

    I know of a few labels that I can email and maybe get in contact with you. There is a great re-issue label based in Edinburgh, Scotland that would be ideal. It’s called athensofthenorth and is ran by a collector/dj called euan fryer. They had re-issued quite a bit of rare soul/disco.

    If you can give me contact details I’ll see what I can do?


  10. Dexter Adams says:

    Do you have an information that could help me do this for my pops?

  11. stevecitysoul says:

    Not sure if this site is still up and running but this is a great record that sells for high prices these days, so the demand for a re-issue could potentially high.

    There are several people/labels both here in the UK and the US who would re-release this if you were interested in doing so.

    I myself would go and buy the re-issue as the original is so scarce.

  12. Doug Klesch says:

    Hi Dexter – Not sure if the email I sent got through. Any word from your Dad on this? Thanks!

  13. Dexter Adams says:

    Hey Doug! This is really cool! Can you shoot me an email at [email protected]. I think my dad would love to contribute his knowledge of his band and his buddies from the group.

  14. Dexter Adams says:

    I would do that in a heartbeat if I had the avenue to do so. I agree original artists should be supported. The music biz is a dog-eat-dog biz for sure.

  15. timbearcub says:

    You should re-release this, it’s good. Love to buy a copy and support the original artists, rather than line the pockets of second-hand dealers…

  16. disqus_9BoxWSyLVT says:

    Wow! I am just seeing this and hearing this! Amazing! -Y

  17. Dexter says:

    Thanks for the comment Bev. I’m not sure about other members of the group. My dad is Charlie Adams and he’s now an ordained minister.

  18. Beverlee says:

    I attended an outdoor concert at The University of Virginia around ’77 when I first heard this band. They were awesome!!! They sang to me on the song, “She Use to be My Girl.” Where is Johnny Brown and how is he doing? I remembered what a gentleman he was. Beverlee

  19. Jabbo says:

    was the show at Mother Fletcher’s? Mark [email protected]

  20. Dennis Whittington says:

    I was lucky to see this group in Myrtle Beach, SC in the late 1970’s. It was nice to find this song tonight to remind me of this extremely talented group. The name, their performance, as well as their music has always stuck with me. Thanks.

  21. Rashad Hines says:

    Yeah man, my dad said he feels the same way. Email me when you can at [email protected] and we can exchange contact info.

  22. Rashad Hines says:

    Ha, that’s amazing that I found this blog. I have been scouring the Internet on more information on Symbol 8 ever since I found this song on a Kon and Amir mixtape. By the way, my father is Rudy Hines, trombonist, background vocals. 30-something years later and a guy can go and read about and hear an obscure group his father was in. Technology is amazing!

  23. Dexter says:

    Thanks for your replay Rashad! Actually sitting here talking to my dad about this post when you responded. He would love to reach out to your dad. Says he misses him.

  24. Mark Harris says:

    I was the soundman for the band during the 1978-7-78 tour, when we watched American Bandstand and went nuts when they played the song. I was on the record (background party noise). the band consisted of Charlie, Vanzago, John Brown, Rudy Hines, Lindsay Davis (RIP), Paul Banks, Walter Carlton, and Chuck from New Haven.

  25. Bobby Wall says:

    Yvonne this is Bobby tell your dad to call me I’m excited to hear from him about Symbol 8

  26. Bobby Wall says:

    I came along late the career of the band (symbol 8) I was its lead singer with Darryl Patterson, Vanzago Woods, Ronnie Bennett( rest his soul) Charlie Adams and Craig I don’t remember his last name we see great then . With the exception of Ronnie where is the rest of my boys?

  27. Yvonne Adams says:

    The musical gift doesn’t fall far from the tree. Success isn’t always measured by record sales but the legacy that’s pasted from one generation to the next.

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