My name is Dexter Adams. I create beautiful websites and stunning designs for small businesses and emerging brands.

I’ve been creating and developing for more than 10 years (more than 20 if you count building with my LEGO® blocks). In 2009 I started Dexter Adams Premium Design and began focusing on brand development. I service clients with a desire for stronger branding, including but not limited to their logo and web presence.

DAPD (/dē/ /ā,ə/ /pē/ /dē/) – The acronym for Dexter Adams Premium Design (not pronounced dap—dee).

Kubashi “Everything cool.”

I am also co-founder of a small company called Kubashi which you can check out, here and the merchandise shop here.

UNCG Admissions Website

Helen Davis Design

KBS “Bless Up”


Infinitely Cool

Solar Cafe

Quick out the Blocks

SW Logo

Virtus Therapy

RSP Logo Concept

“皇族 熊猫” Royal Panda

Kingdom by Kubashi

Confidential Confessions

“Warbird” Concept

Weston Farms

Walter Latham Entertainment

2012 NC State Football

Eller Wedding Mock Movie Poster

Braxton Cosby


Triangle Futbol Club Alliance

Cam Bennerman “13” Brand Mark

Miss P Caricature

NC State Football Media Guide

Boom Town Talk