2009 – Present

Create things with the goal of touching the world—because the work will outlive you.



DAPD began with a desire to create compelling work that held the potential to impact people in significant ways. As a result, I never want to approach a project as an errand but instead as a responsibility to do my best work and I endeavor to overdeliver—every time.


I’ve worked as a full-time graphic designer, front-end designer, full-stack web developer, and software developer, and though I have worn many hats as a digital architect, my true passion is creating. I realize—these tools are just the means to fulfill that desire.

I carry the lessons I’ve learned along the way with me in every project I work on. I let the experience manifest itself as an intuitive, original, well-planned final product.


From print media to stunning creative design and finally to living, breathing web development—DAPD offers creatively tailored—modern solutions and fully customized content-managed website experiences for individuals and their brands looking for awestriking beauty and fluid functionality.

DAPD is an ever-evolving brand-centered web and creative design studio offering products, services, and eCommerce experiences that bring your core values and principles to life.

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